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The USA Frog team is just as diverse as the colors and patterns we offer. We're proud of our knowledge about these frogs, because we do what others said long ago could not be done.

Someone said breeding frogs for new varieties that do not exist in the wild would negatively impact the varieties already here. Such a notion is utter nonsense. With respect to the future they said, "an azureus must still look like an azureus"—to that we wholeheartedly agree. 

USA Frog is the most advanced professional breeder of Tinctorius simply by virtue of the numerous varieties only offered by us as USA Frog Exclusives—nobody knows more about them than we do. We realize there will ALWAYS be a place for the common blue azureus and all other common dart frogs, but there must also be an alternative to raiding the jungle for pet frogs as the demand for them increases. 

We know the vernacular names for the frog "varieties" are simply generic names given to describe them and easily tell them apart, so why does USA Frog use their own brand names (i.e., trademarks) for their frogs?

Trademarks used as brands are legally protected property and serve the purpose to distinguish the source of goods and/or services from those of others. Brands and trademarks do not speak to the attributes of the goods or services. Their sole function is to be an identifier of the source such as a manufacturer, producer, service provider, or in this case the breeder and/or seller of the goods (i.e., frogs).  Some well known trademark examples are CHARGER and CHALLENGER for Dodge cars, AIR for certain Nike products, and the variety of brands for perfumes and cologne produced by a single manufacturer. We use our trademarks to set us apart from the rest for the pet frog world.

(The link opens the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) document on trademarks and Federal Registration.)

Which name is correct? The generic names for frogs are unofficial and may be used by everybody. Our trademarks may only be used by us and anyone buying a trademarked frog from us may continually refer to it by the trademark name. We are very confident in our quality and as such, we want to be known for the frogs we sell, because of our commitment to outstanding quality, care, and professional customer service.

Trade names for frogs.

Fact: USA Frog offers the most varieties of Tinctorius in the United States of America, and maybe the world.

USA Frog tells the TRUTH about dart frogs!