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USA Frog tells the TRUTH about dart frogs!

US Dart Frog and USA Frog are leaders in colorful captive bred pet frogs. Our SAFE and DESIGNER trademark properties are registered with the United States Department of Commerce (see below) stand as proof and testament to our leadership.


Fact: Each and every colorful pet frog we sell is AMERICAN pet frog certified. This certification is proof that each frog (or tadpole) you purchase from USA Frog is the offspring of a completely sustainable, domestic source, and immense population we manage personally right here in the United States.

Fact: Some frog sellers use the service of a foreign frog breeder to supply their stock. Many of those foreign breeders are unregulated, separate businesses who import their frogs from outside the USA.  Those frogs (and tadpoles) CANNOT be certified AMERICAN.


Our SAFE trademark registration was granted by the U.S. Government. ALL of the frogs (and tadpoles) we offer are covered by this SAFE captive bred Federal trademark registration.

  • Fact: USA Frog is the ONLY authorized seller of SAFE captive bred frogs and tadpoles in the United States of America!

The SAFE brand is now being extended to our all natural, human grade supplements (available soon), and our "no-methylparaben" media. (BTW: We still believe methylparaben is bad for frogs and their food, especially when there are suitable alternatives.)

Our Federally Registered DESIGNER trademark also stands for captive bred frogs and tadpoles, and is associated with the proprietary market segment only we are known for.

  • Fact: This valuable piece of intellectual property signifies that we alone are the original source for authentic DESIGNER pet frogs, and each one has an ever so unique appearance and signature top quality only we sell.