USA Frog tells the TRUTH about dart frogs!

(See, Lotters, Jungfer, Henkel and Schmidt, page 85, paragraph 2) ISBN-13: 978-3930612628 ISBN-10: 3930612623

  • Fact: The vernacular names including, but not limited to, cobalt, oyapok, powder blue, regina, patricia, azureus, alanis, inferalanis, ole marie, yellow back, citronella, true sipaliwini,.....etc., are made up, and have absolutely no official significance or meaning whatsoever. Those names are often the names of the individuals who imported a particular batch and nothing more, e.g., Patricia.

Experts have Expertise.

While everybody who owns these magnificent frogs becomes an expert in some way, and the trained scientist has their learned non-pet perspectives, USA Frog has one of, if not the, largest captive bred population of these colorful pet frogs anywhere in the world. It is this group from which we derive our expertise. So please beware of the misinformation out there. Nobody knows more about our frogs than we do. We don't dabble–this is our passion and business. You might say it is a way of life for us too.

From that perspective, we share the official scientific viewpoint and don't try to change it. Still, there is a growing body of bogus information being generated out there for the sole purpose of deceiving people into thinking there are subspecies of these frogs when the official word is there are none (see above), so please beware.


Official Classification.

Scientifically speaking, beneath their genus ("Dendrobates"), these frogs are officially classified by species ONLY! Consider humans–we are different colors and shapes and look different, and we are all the same species. The same holds true for these frogs. The species of Dendrobates we offer includes: Tinctorius, Auratus, Leucomelas and Truncatus.  Stated another way, there are no subspecies and no official significance whatsoever to any of the variety names used in the hobby trade.

Fact: The Official Classification of all living things classifies these frogs by species alone.

All of the virtually infinite colors and patterns that emerge within a species are just like hair and skin color for humans.

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