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USA Frog tells the TRUTH about dart frogs!

The distant ancestors of our colorful Leucomelas are from here.

The distant ancestors of our colorful Tinctorius are from here.

We offer a diverse selection of top quality colorful pet frogs that are the offspring of top quality pet frog parents, absolutely harmless, social, curious, and friendly.

  • Fact: Each species of the colorful pet frogs we sell have had wild ancestors in the jungles of South and Central America.

ALL of the colorful frogs we sell are bred in captivity. Not one of the frogs we offer, or own, is a wild caught frog. Still, each one is traceable to the wild in ancestry.

Fact: The life span of a wild dart frog is only a few years. In captivity, the pet frogs we sell can live well into their teens!

The ancestral locales of the colorful pet frogs we well are shown on the maps at right. The yellow shaded regions indicate the area in which their distant relatives dwell and inhabit. It is not uncommon for frogs to have a different appearance from one region to the next even within the shaded areas, and adjacent populations.

The experts say these populations "come together" repeatedly throughout history, and thus the breeding of the various species remains healthy because of the mixing of mating populations. The "coming together" of the populations by species is important for their long term survival in the wild, and the  reason the large numbers of variation exist. Without this genetic sharing, the inbreeding of any isolated population would cause it to runt and die off.

USA Frog has over 50 varieties of Tinctorius. Each and every one is top quality, and many of them are only available from USA Frog.

The distant ancestors of our colorful Auratus are from here.

Ancestral Locale.